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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cardboard Connectivity

So there's this fine new place in cyberspace called the Cardboard Connection. Maybe you've heard of it before? If not, I strongly encourage you to check it out. Not only does it offer the card collectors the social network that is all the rage these days, but it provides news, reviews and other fun card-related stuff.

Like me!

Somehow, the all-knowing editorial staff at the site has allowed me to be a regular contributor to the site, something that I plan to do once a week. In fact, baseball card insight #1 was just published yesterday for all interested parties. The way I see it, the general tone and style of stuff over there will be the same as stuff over here (think of me as a baseball card Craig Calcaterra, if you want to paint me in a favorable light), although I will try to keep content separate so as to not repeat myself.

So if you haven't already, take a peek at the Cardboard Connection--not because my now-biased self said so, but because there's actually a lot of good stuff over there. Like none other than Ms. Sooz, for starters.

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