Grand Cards: Talkin' Softball(s)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Talkin' Softball(s)

Company softball game left me without internet during the day yesterday. Got home and our brand-spankin' new internet connection yielded nothing at all. Using my imagination, I played the Tigers/Twins game out in my head and snapped out of my trance in night terrors envisioning Dontrelle Willis lofting softball to the Twins hitters.

Well, game reports indicate that it wasn't quite that bad. Perhaps Dontrelle is on the road to recovery after all? The Tigers certainly had their chances in this one, and in nearly became the Curtis Granderson show in the 13th after he took the game into his own hands by hitting his first triple of the season and then forcing a balk to score. He also apparently robbed Joe Mauer at the track (the wall?) late in the game. If only the Twins didn't have Joe Crede, notorious for his Tiger-killing ways with the White Sox. Of course, the bullpen was a disappointment, but can you expect Brandon Lyon to pitch three innings? Or Zumaya? These are 1 inning guys, 2 MAX (although I would prefer that Lyon never sniff a high-leverage situation again) What ever happened to our long relievers? Ugh. Box scores and news reports are so unsatisfying, especially because I have to go through the full range of game emotions over the course of two pages instead of three+ hours and still can't grasp the flow of the game.

I have a charity softball game tomorrow (that should be it for work-day softball for the season), so I'll just say one thing. My internet damn well better be working when I get home from work tomorrow, because this is no way for a baseball fan to live his life.

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