Grand Cards: Why I Blog: Luke Scott Edition

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why I Blog: Luke Scott Edition

Matt Wieters, Luke Scott loves to crush the hopes and dreams of the Tigers and their fans. Oh, you haven't heard? I will now be using "Matt Wieters" to replace the more popular (for now) "Jesus Christ" as an exclamatory statement. My wife came up with it during tonight's game. Watch out, it's going to be a thing.

Anyway, not too long ago the latest blog bat around asked the question "why do you blog." I didn't have a good answer at the time and didn't really have the time to give it much thought. Well, tonight I have my answer, at least in part.

I blog because of Luke Scott. At least, he is why I blog about baseball cards. If I didn't, I might feel compelled to blog about baseball in general or the Tigers specifically. I don't think that I could put myself through it. I couldn't handle a world where so much rested on each pitch--I am already tormented as a fan. Baseball cards at least, are portraits and snapshots of happier times. I will never have a Tigers card that shows Luke Scott trotting around the bases in front of a scoreboard that reads "Luke Scott 9, Orioles 3, Tigers 3". But that's what I get when I look at the box scores. Baseball cards are neutral, they allow me to forget.

Which brings me to another thing. From here until the end of time, I will destroy every Luke Scott baseball card that I pull from packs. I know this seems overly dramatic and unnecessary, but I feel as though I will get this sick pleasure out of it. Oh, and I'll find new and fun ways to destroy the cards. If there ever comes a time that I can't find a new way to destroy a Luke Scott card, then I'll just stop, simple as that. I'm just giving you a heads up for when a picture of charred ashes pops up here after I start busting some Series 2.

That's it for tonight. Verlander is going tomorrow and we could really use a dominating performance. Matt Wieters.


  1. I wholeheartedly endorse this.

  2. We got Verlander and Jackson Saturday and Sunday. That smells like a split to me.

  3. I've got an interesting way for you to destroy all Luke Scott cards...send them to me.

  4. Oh, and do you run regularly? If so, ever go to the NCR trail?

  5. called the split! easy to do when you got justin on a hot streak and jackson being a straight up horse.