Grand Cards: Contest Winners and the Unveiling of My 300th Curtis Card

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Contest Winners and the Unveiling of My 300th Curtis Card

I'm glad that I extended the contest until 8pm, because if Dinged Corners didn't come in at 7:30, I don't know what I would have done.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 300th Unique Curtis Granderson card in my collection:
2002 Bowman Chrome Draft #BDP71 Curtis Granderson Rookie Card

Yes, I've been hyping this card over the last week because I knew that it was something special. It is the most desirable Curtis Granderson base rookie card. It will be the subject of a full post in the next edition of my Ultimate Checklist.

With the comments as evidence, nobody guessed the card correctly. In fact, until Dinged Corners' post, nobody had guessed a card that wasn't from 2009! I would like to point out one thing: Per my clues, and link to my collection, anything from 2009 Topps, Upper Deck and Heritage are out, because I already have cards from those sets. 2009 Goudey, Piece of History and Finest were all solid guesses. However, Dinged Corners looked outside the box and chose something from an earlier year. Not only that, but they chose a Bowman brand--2006 Bowman Heritage as a matter of fact! That's pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. Interestingly, I have cards from 2006 Bowman Heritage, but had them mislabeled in my collection as 2005 cards. So, Congratulations to Dinged Corners for winning their first choice of prize in this contest and thanks for helping me set my collection straight. Let me know which item you would like in the comments.

As for Part 2, it was a very close battle. My finishing time in today's race was 1:15:18. This came down to Mark of Mark's Ephemera who guessed 1:12:30 (2:48 off) and Greg of Night Owl Cards who guessed 1:17:27 (2:09 off). I'd like to thank both of you for giving me more than my due credit, as this was the fastest race that I've ever run pace-wise. The rest of you put in guesses that were closer to what I was expecting (low 1:20s), although flash, I'm disappointed that you thought a 3+ hour 10 miler in the stars. So, congratulations to Greg for winning 2nd prize in a nail-biter. You will receive whichever prize Dinged Corners doesn't accept.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. I just thought it would be a little something fun to do and I hope the winners enjoy their prizes. Have a good night everyone!


  1. Congrats to Dinged Corners and Night Owl Cards for winning a fun contest.

    So, Mr. Grand Cards, what is special about the Topps card prize?

  2. Ah, a very good question. The "special" Topps cards are actually full-size folders that have full baseball card fronts and backs (as pictured). They were available for back to school shopping in 1989 and are quite neat. Just another one of the oddball items that I get a kick out of.

  3. Yay, second place!

    I believe I've seen those '89 Topps folders before.

  4. Well howdy do. By the way, we only guessed 1:51 on the race because we wanted to factor in a little extra time in case you decided to stop at a card shop or Target on the way. :D

    We browsed your wonderful collection too quickly because we mistook the '02 Bowman for the chrome, or we would have said that. It's true.

    As for the winnins', we will defer to Night Owl. On the one hand, as the ancient saying goes, "You can never have too many Curtis Granderson cards." On the other, Topps folders have a certain charm. We'd be happy either way.

  5. I blame misanalysis of data and sheer ignorance of the marathon culture for my incredibly inflated guess. I probably would've been in the ballpark if it was a 26.21876 mile marathon!

  6. Um, well, thanks DC! If I get to pick, I'll take the Granderson. I love the a&g relics, much more than your average relic.

    I'll have to dig up something Metsish to send to DC.