Grand Cards: Mail Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mail Day!

With the organized chaos that surrounds me (I have taken the entire day off to move to the new house, and was over there until 1:30 last night, which means I can write a quick post while my wife is still in bed this morning), I thought that I would recognize an package that came not too long ago from Greg at Night Owl Cards. Doing so will allow me to move them from my queue on top of my desk and into their appropriate box, just in time to send them packing to the new house.

This package came completely out of nowhere and was a wonderful surprise. A handful of 2009 Topps Heritage, none of which I had, were the highlight for sure and there were a few 2009 Upper Deck cards as well, which I may need in the future (I'll let you know what I mean by that in a couple of days, before you start asking about what I could possibly be talking about).

First, we have the resurgent Justin Verlander and his chrome counterpart:

We also have the Tigers' early-season ace, Armando Galarraga

How good could these two guys be for this team, throw in Edwin Jackson, who has been stellar this year and that's a pretty solid 1-3. If Rick Porcello can pitch more like he did last night and less like he did last week, this team is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Rookie unknown Chris Lambert is in there, as is the once-powerful Magglio Ordonez, but it is the last card that I really liked:

That's right, it's the whole squad, sitting on a card with a fundamentally different design than the rest of the set. Love it.

Thank you so much for the cards Greg! I'm sorry that I'm so late in posting this up, but I can tell you sincerely that this package made my week when I got it. You have put me way closer to finishing my Heritage Tigers set. As for the Upper Deck cards, those are going to help me out in a new collection of mine.

That's right, it looks like I'm going to be branching out in collecting again, as I have discovered a new, fun and cheap way to add to my collection. Details will follow in the next few days.

Also, new house=no internet, although I still have my apartment for the rest of the month. Just a heads up in case posts appear sporadically, at odd times or (gasp) not at all. I'll try to avoid that last one.


  1. Did some of the cards there suffer right-corner dings or is that just some optical illusion?

    Congrats on the house. It makes me remember buying my home. What a great feeling it was to move in.

  2. Just an illusion--I've got two cards per penny sleeve right now and that is giving that effect. All of them are in tip top shape!