Grand Cards: Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 5

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 5

No TV and No Internet make Dan...something something.

Yes, I was mostly TV and Internet free from Wednesday on last week, which made successfully managing a fantasy team a bit difficult. Here's what happened:

MegaLeague: Last Week 16-17-3, 2nd Division, 11th overall

I was slaughtered this week 2-6-1, by my good friend Mike. I got beaten in every offensive category (-2 SBN!) and won two of the four pitching categories while exactly tying ERA at 2.975 (!). It wasn't a good showing, as my team has dramatically cooled since a hot april start.

A Gold Star goes to Adam Lind, the sole offensive bright spot, who had a .433 OBP and 8 RBI to make my losses in those categories narrower than they would have been otherwise. Rick Porcello also gets a mention for his 7 inning shutout performance at the start of the week. He was inadvertently benched on Sunday because of lack of internet access, but he went another 5 with 1ER.

No Thanks To Gerald Laird who happened to go ICE cold right after I picked him up (.158 OBP this week, only Alexei Ramirez's .133 was worse). If he can sit in the .260 AVG range things will be ok.

Work League Last Week 33-22-1, 2nd Place 1.5 GB

A disappointing loss in this league as well, and although I remain 1.5 games out of first, I am now in 4th place. More pitching success and offensive ineptitude was the name of the game convincingly loosing almost all batting categories except for SB and R. Managing difficulties hurt me on the back end, as a few starters with QS were wasted on the bench. Still, not a good performance this week here.

A Gold Star goes to Hanley Ramirez. Does it ever. Every time I got a chance to check he was doing something awesome to the tune of 11 R, 4 HR, 7 RBI, 3 SB, 30 TB, .533 AVG and 1.576 SLG. Wow.

No Thanks To James Loney, who continues to struggle and not produce for power or average. Not exactly what I need out of my Corner Infield position.

Blog League: Last Week: 1360 Points
It is necessary to stay humble this early in the season because so much can change, but this team is playing really, really well right now. A MONSTER week increased my lead to 208 points over the second place team. Surely an unsustainable margin, but a nice cushion for an upcoming down week TBD.

A Gold Star goes to none other than Justin Verlander who complete game shut outed his way to 52 points in one game. In fact, the whole pitching staff was lights out, going 11-5 this week (although some of those wins were not recognized due to accidental benching). Let's not forget Jason Bay who actually out-pointed Verlander (53) but who did so through consistently awesome (4 HR, 14 RBI!) play all week.

No Thanks To Brandon Inge (5 points) who got cold fast. Worse, Jonathan Sanchez's -13, on two losses, was no good either. He may end up being a bust this season.

So that's it for this week. Internet is scheduled to come back today (YAY!), so I can stop making excuses over my poor performances and actually fess up to it. This is the start of new divisions and some tough matchups so it will be important to pull down a few wins this week. As always, the wrapup is below, and good luck on your own teams this week!

MegaLeague: 18-23-4, 5/5 Division, 15/20 Overall
Work League:39-30-1, 4th Place, 1.5 GB
Blog League: 1820 Points (+208)

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  1. Yeah, Loney's not a good corner guy. He'll hit for average eventually (I hope). But he just doesn't have the consistent HR power.