Grand Cards: Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 4

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 4

Has been PPD. Like a ballgame caught with bad weather, a lost weekend, lost power and attempts at starting to move have delayed the wrap-up, to the point where I figure that we might as well move on to Week 5 next Monday.

In a nutshell though:
MegaLeague: Lost 3-6 last week , Dropped to 16-17-3. Still 2nd in division, now 11th overall

Work League: Won 9-5-0, still in 2nd place, now 1.5 GB at 33-22-1

Blog League: 1360 points, still in first place by an ever-shrinking margin, derailed by an unintentional benching of Justin Verlander's 11 K win on Sunday, brought on by being out of town will little time to devote to fantasy baseball managing so that I could pursue some of life's finer pleasures.

That's the quick and dirty--I hope that the ship of life will begin to right itself here shortly and regular posting will be able to resume.

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