Grand Cards: Hello: Nolan Reimold

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello: Nolan Reimold

I heard on the radio when I was driving up to work that Nolan Reimold is getting the call. The Baltimore Sun is on it too. The hot-hitting prospect for the O's hit .394 with 27 RBI for the AAA Norfolk Tides. Sure, he's no Wieters, but he's some more young blood for an Orioles team with a bright future (offensively, at least).

So why do I care? First of all, I do live in Baltimore, so the Orioles have claimed the "team I root for and wish well" status in my heart. They've got that hard-luck, pathetically bad but there's always hope feel that I know from my years of Tigers fandom. However, that hardly warrants a post on this blog, which is decidedly Tiger-centric. So I give you reason #2:

2005 Just Minors Nolan Reimold/Curtis Granderson/Javier Herrera

I am no prospector, but the fact that Reimold is making his way to The Show means that this card is now 2/3 not a bust. Sadly, it looks like Javier Herrera isn't on the fast track to make the leap to the bigs.

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