Grand Cards: Grandy 1, Grady 0

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandy 1, Grady 0

There is a long-standing debate amongst Tigers and Indians fans over who is the best centerfielder in the AL Central. Conventional wisdom says that it's Grady Sizemore--he has the accolades, the all star appearances and (somehow) the Gold Glove. Granderson, shockingly, has none of those, yet Tigers fans maintain that their team holds the Jewel of the AL Central. Last night provided one of the rare opportunities for the two to "face off" head to head.

Guess who wins?

MLB won't let you embed videos (Boo!), so click on this link to see what Granderson did last night. You won't be disappointed.

Curtis Granderson's Game Saving Catch 5/9/2008 Detroit Tigers 1, Cleveland Indians 0

It is also worth noting that Granderson scored the only run of the game, in case you needed a cherry on top.


  1. Oh, take your cherry and.... just kidding !!! Bad enough I had to sit and watch that last night, then today it was on the front page of the sports section.As soon as I saw this picture I thought of you. I going to send it out to you on Monday !

  2. That was a great catch. You're the first person I thought of, too, when I saw it on MLB Network. Michael Bourn of the Astros gave Granderson a run for his money with his catch last night, but I think Granderson was the clear winner.