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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Contest: Card Giveaway

UPDATE 6:15 am: Leaving for the race. Get those guesses in and I'll announce a winner this evening when I get back to Baltimore. You may guess up until then, so go for it!

I'm moving and motivated to clear some space, so why not lighten the card load a bit?

Here's the contest, it comes in two parts:

1. Card #300 is here. Guess what it is.
2. Guess my finishing time in tomorrow's race.

Here are your clues:
1. I do not have any Curtis Granderson cards from the set that #300 is from. (Browse My Collection)
2. Tomorrow's race is 10 miles. The last distance race was my well publicized battle royale with Hideki Okajima.

The Rules:
You must submit a guess for BOTH parts. The closest guess in each part wins a prize. How can you get a close guess on a card, you might ask? I will be the judge of that, but it will have something to do with a year/brand combo. There are two prizes, and can be up to two winners. You do not need to get both answers right to win.

The Prizes:

Prize #1 is a wonderful Curtis Granderson card that I have two of.

Prize #2 is an assortment of very unique 1989 Topps cards. I guarantee that these are nothing like the regular Topps cards, and I have shown you two of them as an example. I have somewhere between 6 and 10 and the winner gets them all. Stars like Kirby Puckett, Mark McGuire and Will Clark are among the highlights.

Whoever has the best guess for the card #300 will get the prize of their choosing. The best guess on my race time will receive the other prize. UNLESS somebody's guess is within 1 minute of my actual finishing time, in which case they will get their first choice of prize, because that is impressive.


  1. I'll go for a time of 1:12:30 on the 10 mile.

    Collection Card #300, I'll go with 2009 Upper Deck, #131?

    Prize #2 wouldn't be 1989 Topps Tiffany wrong backs, would they?

    If they are, I'd like to talk to the winner of those cards, trying to score that Hershiser.

    Good luck in the race.

  2. Card #300 is Ryan Howard
    And I guess your time will be 03:43:44

  3. hmm, guess I'll have to redo my #300 guess

    well, I'll go with 2009 Heritage #50

    You said #300 and I instinctively thought Ryan Howard.

  4. Geez, I have to get inside the mind of a player collector AND a long-distance runner. Talk about operating outside your comfort zone!

    I'll say it's that dandy 2009 Goudey card. And you'll finish the 10-mile race in 1:17.27

  5. I'll go with 2009 Piece of History, and a race time of 1:31:13

  6. I'll go with Goudey for the card and a race time of 1:24:33

  7. sorry goudy was taken. i'll say 2009 topps team set granderson.