Grand Cards: Topps "Black" Group Break: Box 3

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Topps "Black" Group Break: Box 3

First Box, Second Box Third One:

Commemorative Patch: Jimmie Fox-LPR5
2009 Topps LPR5-Jimmie Foxx

Pack 1:
Mariano Rivera: Yankees
Johnny Cueto: Reds
Alex Rios: Blue Jays
Matt Treanor: Marlins--Current Tigers Backup and Husband of Misty May Treanor
Albert Pujols: Cardinals
Chris Lambert: Tigers (Hey-o!)
Greg Smith: A's
Cody Ross: Marlins
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Current Tiger Matt Treanor & His Moustache

Pack 2:
Justin Upton: Diamondbacks
Jermaine Dye: White Sox
Bryan Fuentes: Rockies
Jackie Robinson: Dodgers-Turkey Red
CC Sabathia: Brewers-Toppstown
Dan Uggla: Marlins
Mickey Mantle: Yankees
Chase Utley: Phillies
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Mickey Mantle

Pack 3:
Chris Duncan: Cardinals
Shane Victorino: Phillies
David Ortiz: Red Sox
Ubaldo Jimenez: Rockies- Gold #0136/2009
Alfonso Soriano: Cubs- Toppstown
Francisco Cervelli: Yankees
Ty Wigginton: Astros
Dallas McPherson: Marlins

Pack 4:
Cliff Lee: Indians
James Shields: Rays
Brandon Wood: Angels
David Eckstein: Diamondbacks
Justin Morneau: Twins-Toppstown Gold
Dusty Baker: Reds
Rod Barajas: Jays
Hideki Okajima: Red Sox--Hideki and I ran the Honolulu Marathon together this year. Well, not the same time. Well, not exactly the same time, but on the same day at least. Suffice to say he ate my dust
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Honolulu Marathon Finisher Hideki Okajima

Pack 5:
Andrew Miller: Marlins
Juan Uribe: White Sox
Chris Dickerson: Reds
Ichiro: Mariners- Toppstown
Brian Bixler: Pirates
Cole Hamels: Phillies
Joe Torree: Dodgers
Brandon Moss: Pirates

Pack 6:
Johan Santana: Mets
Kyle Kendrick: Phillies
Mike Cameron: Brewers
Howard/Dunn/Delgado: Phillies/Dbacks/Mets--Goes to Dinged Corners
Roberto Clemente: Pirates- Legends of the Game
Francisco Rodriguez: Angels- Toppstown
Dexter Fowler: Rockies
Ubaldo Jimenez: Rockies

Pack 7:
Chris Young: Padres
Ichiro: Mariners
Mauer/Pedroia/Bradley: Twins/Red Sox/Rangers--Randomizer says...Rangers
Jones/Pujols/Holliday: Braves/Cardinals/Rockies
Miguel Cabrera: Tigers- Toppstown
Humberto Sanchez: Yankees
Eric Hinske: Rays
Adam Lind: Blue Jays

Pack 8:
Andrew Jones: Dodgers
Angel Berroa: Dodgers
A.J. Pierzynski: White Sox
Lastings Milledge: Nationals
Carlos Quentin: White Sox- Toppstown
Kazmir/Price: Rays--"Ray Guns" Nice.
Current Tiger Gerald Laird: Rangers
Greg Maddux: Dodgers
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Scott Kazmir & David Price "Ray Guns"

Pack 9:
Denard Span: Twins
Edwin Encarnacion: Reds
Ross Gload: Royals
Hunter Pence: Astros- Turkey Red
Lance Berkman: Astros- Toppstown
Dustin McGowan: Blue Jays
John Buck: Royals
Scott Elbert: Dodgers
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Ross Gload

Pack 10:
Tim Hudson: Braves
Zack Greinke: Royals
Grady Sizemore: Indians
Chipper Jones: Braves
Phil Coke: Yankees
Evan Longoria: Rays
Yadier Molina: Cardinals
Ken Griffey Jr.: White Sox

So that's the break! Summary Post upcoming.


  1. Once again....NICE!!!

    Excellent job on your first group break!! Count me in for the next one!

  2. Win some, lose some.

    It was a fun, vicarious thrill.

  3. If everybody wants to do this again i can try to come up with some Black Border Boxes and do the same thing as this break.

  4. Why is it that for every Reds card another bloggger pulls I get two Cubs?
    Please burn the Dusty card for me as a voodoo curse on his thinking of weak hitting lead off hitters and over use of pitchers.

  5. More Dodgers!

    Thanks for doing this.

  6. Awesome! I was beginning to think that there wouldn't be too many White Sox. That last box proved me wrong.

    Thanks for getting this together.