Grand Cards: 2009 Topps "Throwback" Group Break: Box 2

Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 Topps "Throwback" Group Break: Box 2

Box 1.
Box #2:

Commemorative Patch: Oh no. LPR-5 Jimmie Fox. Boo.

Pack 1:
100 David Wright- Mets For the Ladies:
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #100 David Wright

323 Vicente Padilla- Rangers
206 Santana/Lincecum/Peavy- Mets
221 Lee/Halladay/Matsuzaka- Indians/Red Sox: Randomizer Says: Indians
TTT12 Justin Morneau- Twins: Toppstown Gold
224 Max Scherzer- Diamondbacks
297 Bud Black- Padres
19 Edgar Gonzalez- Padres

Pack 2:
330 Diasuke Matsuzaka- Red Sox
31 Ian Steward- Rockies
126 Orlando Hudson- Diamondbacks
246 Upton/Crawford/Longoria- Rays
2009 Topps Target "Throwback"#246 Upton/Crawford/Longoria

Pack 3:
115 Kevin Youkilis- Red Sox
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #115 Kevin Youkilis

45 Aubrey Huff- Orioles
259 Lincecum/Haren/Santana- Mets
TTT3 Grady Sizemore- Indians: Toppstown. Jesus Christ. Enough with the Sizemore Toppstown.
22 Longoria/Price- Rays
283 John Baker- Marlins
320 Miguel Cabrera- Tigers: First Throwback Tiger! Keep 'em Coming!
187 Jon Garland- Angels
TTT4 Brandon Webb- Diamondbacks
12 Andrew Carpenter- Phillies
216 Joe Maddon- Rays
247 Yuniesky Betancourt- Mariners

Pack 4:
312 Ryan Sweeney- A's
195 Tim Lincecum- Giants
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #195 Tim Lincecum

119 Craig Counsell- Brewers
278 Philadephia Phillies WS- Phillies
227 Freddy Sandoval- Angels
TTT5 Evan Longoria- Rays: Toppstown
197 Ronnie Belliard- Nationals
185 Randy Johnson- Diamondbacks

Pack 5:
262 Mike Gonzalez- Braves
265 Carlos Zambrano- Cubs: I love pictures that show the pitchers with the lumber. Do you think Zambrano's expression is more "Ahhh, Majestic Home Run" or "Ahh, Damn. Routine Fly Ball"?
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #265 Carlos Zambrano

145 Alex Gordon- Royals
LG3- Christy Mathewson- NY Giants
TTT6 Johan Santana- Mets
282 Chris Lambert- Tigers: Another Tiger for this box!
269 Hunter Pence- Astros
168 Mark DeRosa- Cubs

Pack 6:
143 Matt Joyce-Tigers: Tigers two packs in a Row!
284 Luis Ayala- Mets
257 George Kottaras- Red Sox


2009 Topps #TR24 Curtis Granderson "Turkey Red"

TR24 Curtis Granderson- Tigers: Turkey Red. Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes.
TTT9 Ryan Howard- Phillies
10 Dan Uggla- Marlins
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #10 Dan Uggla

Pack 7:
150 Kosuke Fukudome- Cubs
288 Guillermo Guiroz- Orioles
65 Mike Pelfrey- Mets
TTT21 Chipper Jones- Braves
292 Francisco Cervelli- Yankees
7 Mickey Mantle- Yankees
200 Chase Utley- Phillies
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #200 Chase Utley

148 Ty Wigginton- Astros
251 Greg Smith- A's
91 Cody Ross- Marlins

Pack 8:
26 Jason Giambi- Yankees: In a picture truly befitting of a retro card.
2009 Topps Target "Throwback" #26 Jason Giambi

110 Hideki Matsui- Yankees
61 Berkman/Lee- Astros
290 Albert Pujols- Cardinals
TTT25 Diasuke Matsuzaka- Red Sox: Toppstown
293 Brian Bixler- Pirates
9 Dallas McPherson- Marlins
54 Dusty Baker- Reds

Pack 9:
38 Eric Wedge- Indians
254 Cito Gaston- Blue Jays
24 Frank Thomas- A's
258 Casey Kotchman- Braves
89 Lester/Bay- Red Sox
TTT20 Lance Berkman- Astros: Toppstown
84 Rod Barajas- Blue Jays
112 Hideki Okajima- Red Sox

Pack 10:
107 Pedro Feliz- Phillies
77 Jed Lowrie- Red Sox
41 Mike Mussina- Yankees: Gold #0255/2009
TTT3 Grady Sizemore- Indians: Toppstown Gold ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
299 Cole Hamels- Phillies
131 Joe Torre- Dodgers
2009 Topps Target "Throwback"#131 Joe Torre

104 Brandon Moss- Pirates
96 Dexter Fowler- Rockies

MONSTER box for me there! It looked like a pretty good box for everyone else too. I'm not really sure--I was kind of fixated on one card while I ripped and typed the others on autopilot. I was only jarred from my haze when when another Grady Sizemore Toppstown reared its media-friendly, all-american head.

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  1. Dude. I need that Alex Gordon card more than life itself. Ok, maybe not literally, but pretty close.