Grand Cards: Topps "Black" Group Break: Box 1

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Topps "Black" Group Break: Box 1

The boxes are in and the packs are open. So far, money has come in from:
Baseball Dad: Indians
I Heart Halos: Angels
White Sox Cards: White Sox
Lake Effect Cards: Royals & Cubs
Hamiltonian: Rangers

And, last minute newcomer AdamE, who will absolutely clean up on Red Sox.

I would like to thank each of them for graciously offering an extra dollar to help me cover some of the shipping and tax that I didn't consider when I first set this up. Also, did you know that Paypal takes nearly $.50 on a $6 transaction? Good God, I couldn't believe it (I'm not usually a receiver of money)!

For the record, we're still waiting for Dinged Corners, Night Owl and RogerL, although with some of them being from timezones far west of here, we'll give them a break for now. All of the packs in box one were ripped by my wonderful wife who, despite a laissez faire attitude towards cards, really enjoys opening packs. As she said, "it's like opening a bunch of little presents" and she worked hard to find me a pair of Tigers. So, without further ado, I submit to you the results of the first box. The other two boxes will be released when the rest of the money comes in.

Commemorative Patch: LPR-8 Ted Williams (1949 All Star Game)--Adam scores right off the bat.
2009 Topps LPR-8 Ted Williams

Pack 1:
Vicente Padilla : Rangers
Daisuke Matsuzaka: Red Sox
George Kottaras: Red Sox
Turkey Red: Brian Giles: Padres
Topps Town: Ryan Howard: Phillies
Alcides Escobar: Brewers
Bobby Cox: Braves
Tom Gorzelanny: Pirates

Pack 2:
Ian Stewart: Rockies
Orlando Hudson: Dbacks
Mike Pelfrey: Mets
Ichiro: Mariners –Gold #0511/2009
Toppstown Jake Peavey : Padres
Greg Golson: Rangers (RC)
Jarrod Saltalamaccia: Rangers
Jay Bruce: Reds
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Pack 3:
Kevin Youkilis: Red Sox
Aubrey Huff: Orioles
Ryan Sweeney: A’s
Berkman/Lee: Astros
Toppstown Gold: Ichiro Mariners
Angel Salome: Brewers
Mike Napoli: Angels
Jeff Francoeur: Braves
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Mike Napoli

Pack 4:
Tim Lincecum: Giants
Craig Counsell: Brewers
Albert Pujols: Cardinals
Casey Kotchman: Braves
Toppstown Nick Markakis: Orioles
Matt Tuiasosopo: Mariners
Roy Oswalt: Astros
Dave Roberts: Giants

Pack 5:
Mike Gonzalez: Braves
Carlos Zambrano: Cubs
Lester/Bay: Red Sox
LOG: Roy Campanella: Dodgers
Toppstown Justin Morneau: Twins
Ryan Langerhans: Nationals
Brad Lidge: Phillies
Bud Black: Padres
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Jon Lester/Jason Bay

Pack 6:
Matt Joyce: Tigers (FIRST TIGER! WOO!)
Luis Ayala: Mets
Burnett/Santana/Halladay: Jays/Angels/Jays
Toppstown Albert Pujols: Cardinals
Bob Green: A’s
Edgar Gonzalez: Padres
Joe Maddon: Rays
Yuniesky Betancourt: Mariners

Pack 7:
Kosuke Fukudome: Cubs--one of my favorite pictures from the set
Guillermo Quiroz: Orioles
Jason Giambi: Yankees
Fransico Liriano: Twins
Toppstown CC Sabathia: Brewers
John Baker: Marlins
Miguel Cabrera: Tigers (Second Tiger! Huzzah!)
Jon Garland: Angels
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Kosuke Fukudome

Pack 8:
Hideki Matsui: Yankees
Eric Wedge: Indians
Josh Outman: A’s
Turkey Red: Babe Ruth: Yankees
Toppstown Alfonso Soriano: Cubs
Juan Miranda: Yankees
Ronnie Belliard: Nationals
Randy Johnson: Dbacks
2009 Topps "Black" WalmartEric Wedge

Pack 9:
Cito Gaston: Jays
Frank Thomas: A’s
Rafael Furcal: Dodgers--Night Owl sent me an email heads up on the money, so he gets a shot below
Dustin Pedroia: Red Sox
Toppstown Ichiro: Mariners
Bobby Parnell: Mets
Hunter Pence: Astros
Mark DeRosa: Cubs
2009 Topps "Black" Walmart Rafael Furcal

Pack 10:
Pedro Feliz: Phillies
Jed Lowrie: Red Sox
Terry Francona: Red Sox
Todd Wellemeyer: Cardinals
Toppstown Francisco Rodriguez: Angels
Jason Motte: Cardinals
Greg Smith: A’s
Cody Ross: Marlins

So, there is the first box. I will say, that we were blessed with good collation, so there are precious few doubles in the boxes. Also, I'll try to get better pictures for tomorrow's cards via better lighting. All doubles will be made available for sale or trade once I'm done posting them all up and getting them organized. More to come tomorrow--get that money in (especially you RogerL!)


  1. Wow! Things are not looking good for me! I hope the other boxes have some White Sox in them. :)

    There are some great cards in the first box though.

  2. NICE!!!

    Money has been sent!

  3. No Royals, eh? I guess if I get an Alex Gordon in one of the other boxes it'll make the $6 worth it. You can throw that Soriano Toppstown in the trash for me if you'd like, I think I have two of them already.

  4. Usually my spur of the moment last second online purchases don't turn out well but this one already has.

    I can't wait to see the rest of the boxes opeaned. If everybody likes this group break I'll check my local WM and see if I can come upwith some black borders also.