Grand Cards: Ultimate Checklist: 2008 UDX

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ultimate Checklist: 2008 UDX

Well, this is it, the final set of Granderson cards from 2008. You can view the full checklist here, which features every known Granderson card from 2008, including the cards that I have (marked with an x), which are linked to a photo of the card.

We conclude our list with UDX, in what I will call my biggest surprise of the year. There are two Granderson cards in UDX, both of the "Xponential" insert variety. One is CG-X "Xponential" and the other is CG-X2 "Xponential2". I was expecting very little of these cards, as the set was met with much derision from other bloggers. However, the one bright spot that I kept hearing about was the Xponential subset, and a bright spot it was.
2008 UDX CG-X Curtis Granderson: "Xponential"
2008 UDX CG-X2 Curtis Granderson "Xponential 2"

These cards are what inserts should be. They feature large, pictures that (mostly) interact well with the design of choice. The landscape layout and off-center subject make the card infinitely more interesting than your typical insert. They are foil-y and bright, but not to the point where they reflect too much or detract from the image. They are the proper weight and are have texture to them--actual raises on the card, including texture the goes onto the back. Scans do not really do them justice-these cards are awesome.

Even better, CG-X shows Granderson with a Glove and flip-down sunglasses, which is a welcome departure of pictures of Granderson on the bases. I'm sure that not many will share my enthusiasm for these cards, but I will say it again--they are really, really nice and well worth the rock-bottom price that you can get them for, given the unpopularity of UDX.

Not having much more to say about a 2 card release (printing plates are also available, but good luck finding one), I'll let you scroll back up and enjoy the scans.

So that's it for 2008! Boy, 816 cards just flies by, doesn't it? My plan now is to put together a simple summary post that will take a look at 2008 and highlight the five best Granderson cards of the year. Feel free to look through previous posts (all tagged with Ultimate Checklist) or look at my collection if you'd like to make your own decision


  1. We didn't hate UDX. And ergh, now we need those cards. There are many many Curtis cards we don't have, but we must get those. Great post.

  2. I haven't found anyone who doesn't like the Xponential cards.