Grand Cards: Curtis Granderson's Deteriorating Autograph

Friday, March 13, 2009

Curtis Granderson's Deteriorating Autograph

Many thanks to Mark for pointing out this article from yesterday's Detroit Free Press. Funny thing is, I read the article yesterday morning but didn't even think to watch the video because I can't really watch videos while I'm at work. Of course, that meant I missed a fun little bit on Curtis Granderson's autograph and its history!

Head over and watch the full video at Mark's Ephemera It's well worth your three minutes.

As for Curtis' 'Graph, he describes it as "Deteriorating", with a "C" that looks like a "V" (something he got from his Dad) and a last name "G" with a line. To help people figure it out, he is sure to throw in the "28". Now, I will say that he is not giving himself enough credit. On the finest samples of his autograph that I have, his last name looks like "Gr" in cursive. Surely, he's no Brian Bannister but what are you going to do.

Thanks for pointing this out, Mark!

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  1. You're welcome. Just doing what I can to make tomorrow a safer place today.