Grand Cards: Topps "Black" Leftovers for Trade

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Topps "Black" Leftovers for Trade

Well, I think the group break was a success. I'm packing everybody's cards up today with the plan of getting them shipped on Saturday. I may contact you for your address if I don't have it, otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the cards when they come in.

For the rest of you, since not all teams were claimed, there are some extra cards to go around. Just like the break (and out of fairness to the breakees), you can feel free to purchase any one team's cards for $6, which includes all shipping etc. I am also open to trading any or all of these cards for cards that I need--especially those from this year's sets.

Available cards can be found on my tradelist.

Teams with the most available cards include: a full Reds team set (I think--8 cards, one of which is a double Jay Bruce), 10 of the 12 Braves cards plus a double, 8 of the 10 A's plus a double, 8 of 11 Blue Jays and many, many more. Available Stars include Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels and Ichiro, among others.

Also among the available cards are a smattering of inserts, including Toppstown, Turkey Red (8, 13, 23, 38), and Legends of the Game (N. Ryan, R. Clemente) cards. Please see my Tradelist for full availability.

As for what I need in return, I will refer you to my Wantlist.

Briefly, my primary wants from 2009 Topps include:
Topps "Black" cards of Thames, Verlander, and Both League Leaders cards w/ Miguel Cabrera: (76, 85, 127, 176)
Ty Cobb SP (#66)
Jeremy Bonderman Relic (CBR-JB)
Ty Cobb Legends of the Game (and ANY Parallels or Retail Exclusives)
Curtis Granderson Turkey Red
Miguel Cabrera Turkey REd
Miguel Cabrera Toppstown Gold

I also need ALL 2009 Curtis Granderson cards, except the "Career Best" Auto and Relic in 2009 Topps.

So that it's all at your fingertips, here is my Tradelist my Tigers Wantlist and my Granderson Needlist

Oh, and don't forget to email me to trade.


  1. I had sent you an email earlier about the Cabrera Gold card and a Ty Cobb manufactured patch. Did you get it?

  2. I did get that email--I sent you a response yesterday and would love to work something out. Let me know.