Grand Cards: Mail Day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mail Day!

I got a package the other day from Marie at A Cardboard Problem that serves as the back end of a trade we started some time ago. I sent her a handful of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards in exchange for "future considerations" for Granderson cards or other Tigers. I must say that I was quite pleased when this is what came in return:

These are my first Topps Heritage cards of 2009. Man these cards are nice--as I have said before, I don't actively collect Topps Heritage, but every card that I've gotten has been temptation to start. So, I have been accepting more and more trades that can bolster my Heritage stash, much to the benefit of my collection. I've even started including them in my Wantlist. Featured here are new Tiger Edwin Jackson in a ridiculously photoshopped card (look at the size of the "D" on his hat!), Carlos Guillen, who as I write this, just hit a home run for Venezuela in the WBC, and the super-friendly Marcus Thames (the only Tiger autograph I got at the one spring training game I made it to a few years ago), which is printed on a darker cardboard than the others and may be an Short Print in the set.

Thank you Marie for the excellent cards, and I look forward to trading with you again soon!

For the rest of you traders, especially those of you that have blogs, or some other means of public credibility, I am more than happy to trade "for cards to be named later." Take a look at my tradelist and when you pull Tigers off my wantlist or any Granderson cards send them my way in exchange.


  1. the heritage cards are great looking cards. i was checking them out on ebay and the thames is an sp.

  2. I will keep you posted on future Tigers to send your way. I picked up some packs today so cross your fingers...