Grand Cards: 2009 Topps World Baseball Classic Set

Friday, March 6, 2009

2009 Topps World Baseball Classic Set

Has anybody heard about these? They seem like they are "cereal box" size and similar to the 55 card team sets that Topps produced last year. If that is the case, these should be fun. Of course the big question is:

Is Granderson in the set?

He's on the team, but hasn't been on Team USA long enough to have an action shot (or even a posed shot). Did they not include him in favor of players that were on the 2006 team? Did they include him and photoshop the heck out of him? Does he appear in his Tigers uniform?

Indications are that this gets released in the middle of next week. So if anybody pulls up a checklist between now and then, feel free to pass it along!

UPDATE: Not that I was trying to break any news (not really my thing) but I was beaten to the punch pretty badly. Magazine Exchange has a full checklist and bright colors as well. The verdict? No Granderson. Not cool, Topps. Not cool. On the other hand, here's a chance to get some unique cards of players that you will never hear of again, with names like Che-Hsuan Lin, Yoandris Urgelles and current Tigers camp invitee Fu-Te Ni. I know some Sun Belt Bloggers who might have an interest in the Asian contingent.

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  1. only 2 tigers! that sucks. isn't verlander on the team too? oh well, if it's really $9.99 a set, i'll definitely pick one up. U-S-A! U-S-A!