Grand Cards: Topps Black Blaster Group Break Is On!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Topps Black Blaster Group Break Is On!

Ok, Because RogerL stepped up for two more teams (Yankees and Orioles), we now have 12 teams. That is enough to do 3 blasters of Topps Black from Walmart. Now it is confirmation time.

I need everybody to commit, via comment to this post, that they are willing to go in for $5 on the break so that I can buy 3 FROM WALMART ONLY. This is due to the lack of Target Blasters. If this is successful, we will do a Target one when those come out. Since there is a concern about my being able to find these blasters, at this stage, I only need a commitment that people are in, not money in hand. I will search tomorrow to find the cards, and if they are there, I will buy them and ask for the money then. This way, nobody is committing cash that is at risk if I can't find the cards. Because you all run blogs (except for RogerL--I may need you to send money in advance, which I will not accept until I find the cards) your commitment is public and will put your reputation on the line, and among card traders, reputation is just as important as anything.

So, in the comments please let me know if you are in for $5 to open Three blasters of Black Walmart Cards. SPs, Patches & Inserts etc. will go to the committed teams. If any additional people want to join the break, they can do so at any point. If you're in, post it up (name and team commitment) and we'll do this tomorrow.

UPDATE: Yes, The $5 includes Shipping and Everything


  1. I'm in. Night Owl Cards. Dodgers. Bring on the gimmick cards!

  2. I'm in for the Rangers. Does teh $5 include shipping and everything?

  3. I'm still in for the Cubs and the Royals.

  4. I'm in!!!
    Marlins, Rays, Yankees and Orioles.
    Just let me know where and how to send the money (USPS, Paypal, etc)