Grand Cards: 2009 Topps "Throwback" Group Break is On!

Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 Topps "Throwback" Group Break is On!

Apparently, I have an issue with the 3rd time being a charm. Today, I went to the Target close to my work that has had no 2009 Topps cards all year. No surprise, they had packs, but no blasters. So, 7 miles down the highway I went to a second Target--an enormous Target that I've never been to before. No blasters, just packs. I was about to go back, having basically extinguished my lunch break, when I told myself "No, I'm going to try one more". 5 miles later, I was at the only other Target that I knew about in the area.

Lo and behold, 2009 Topps blasters with the magic code for Throwbacks. 12 miles later and I'm back at work typing this post. And so, the Group Break will occur upon receiving $6 per team slot from everybody who has committed so far. If you haven't committed and would like to join, you are welcome to do so.

Please send your money to me via paypal to grandcardsblog AT gmail DOT com. The break is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow afternoon pending those funds.

Good luck everybody!


  1. Looking forward to the group break. Payment has been made. RogerL

  2. Payment sent. Thanks for doing this. Still no signs of throwback in our neck of the woods.

  3. Payment sent. Thanks again, Dan.

  4. We would also like to reserve the Phillies, if they are still available. If they are, let us know, we will send payment later today.