Grand Cards: Group Break: In Sum

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Group Break: In Sum

I'd like to thank everybody for participating in my first ever Group Break. If you recall, my plan was to do this with the Walmart AND the Target versions of these blasters. Since I had a good time, and believe that I will break even when all is said and done (thanks to your generosity), I would be willing to do this again for the Target Blasters. Stay Tuned for that, once those hit stores.

Here's the Upshot: Some people did VERY well. Some people, much less so. Its nice to see that the frustrating life of a Tigers fan can be replicated by fans of the White Sox, Orioles, Royals and Rangers. I'm just glad that I'm not a Nationals fan (3 cards).

To break it down:
Angels: I Heart Halos--6 Black, 2 Toppstown (1 Double)
Cubs: Lake Effect Cards--5 Black, 2 Toppstown (1 Double)
Diamondbacks: Mark's Ephemera--8 Black, 1 Toppstown
Dodgers: Night Owl Cards--9 Black, 1 Gold, 1 Turkey Red, 1 LOG
Indians: Baseball Dad--7 Black, 1 Toppstown
Marlins: RogerL--9 Black (1 Double), 1 Toppstown
Mets: Dinged Corners--7 Black, 1 Toppstown, 1 Toppstown Gold
Orioles: RogerL--3 Black, 2 Toppstown (1 Double)
Rangers: Hamiltonian--6 Black (1 Double)
Rays: RogerL--8 Black, 1 Toppstown
Red Sox: AdamE--12 Black, 1 Comm. Patch
Royals: Lake Effect Cards--4 Black, 1 Toppstown
Tigers: Grandcards--5 Black, 1 Toppstown
White Sox: White Sox Cards--5 Black, 1 Toppstown
Yankees: RogerL--11 Black, 1 Turkey Red, 1 Comm. Patch

Now, that leaves plenty of extras, including some from desirable teams in the blogging community (Phillies, Braves, Twins, Brewers) that are available for trade (or sale). Keep an eye out on my tradelist, which will be updated in the next few days, or just take a look at the break posts. If you see something that you like, Let me know.

Thank you again for participating in my group break. I hope everybody enjoys their cards and that we can do it again sometime!


  1. Nice job ! For my 1st group break I feel good about the middle.Hope you make out ok after shipping.When my cards arrive and I have your address I'll find some Tigers for you !

  2. Nine black cards for $12. That's an expensive pack of cards! Thanks for doing the break, it was fun.

  3. Sent you a payment, sorry we were out of it for a while. Bad week.