Grand Cards: 2009 Topps Retail Parallel Group Break

Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Topps Retail Parallel Group Break

Ok, so here's what I'm thinking. Sorry if it's a slight rehash from what I said yesterday. I want the Black and Gray Detroit Tigers retail parallels offered at Target and Walmart, but I don't feel the need to splurge on a whole bunch of blasters that will fail to guarantee that I get anywhere close to a set. I also want to avoid exorbitant shipping costs that come from buying these cards individually. So I've decided, if there is enough demand, to do a Group Break on these. Of course, this is all contingent on my local Target and Walmart actually having these blasters (last I checked the Target near my work didn't have ANY 2009 Topps--nothing at all), but I'm willing to go on a bit of recon to find them.

I'm not so sure about the specifics, but I was thinking maybe $5 per person? The average team set has about 10-12 cards in it and I'm thinking of getting 2 Walmart and 2 Target (320 Cards). Since I'm not trying to lose money on the proposition, that would require 16 people at $5 to participate in the break. Given the readership on this blog, I'm not sure that's doable. If we can get 13 people I can do it at $6.

To be more inclusive, and for set builders, I will also offer slots for the "leftover cards." For the same price as a team collector, you can buy the rights to all unclaimed Black or Gray cards within a certain number range. For example, Let's say you buy the rights to card numbers 1-20. Upon the break, I pull 1 Tiger, 2 Indians and 4 Dodgers--you would get the remaining 13 cards in that range.

Make sense?

If you are interested, please let me know in the comments section. So far, I've got interest from:

Night Owl: Dodgers
Baseball Dad: Indians
Dinged Corners: Mets

With me, that leaves us with 12 to go, and I'm just hoping there's enough interest out there to fill it up.

To sum, you may purchase a team or a the rights to an unclaimed card slot (for set builders: could be a range of unclaimed cards to depending on the number of teams-more on this as details emerge). This is not a firm commitment (i.e. no money down), but if the interest is there I will solidify the commitments, buy the cards, and we'll be on our way!

Also, if there is lots of interest, we can push it to 3 blasters of each--I just thought that 2 would be a good starting point.


  1. Can I take two slots? I'd like to have the Royals (so I can possibly get Target and Wal-Mart Alex Gordons) and the Cubs.

    Also, I'm going to check at my two local Targets this morning to see if they have any of the special blasters. If they do, I'll be happy to send them your way for the price of the boxes plus shipping minus my two slots, if that makes sense. It would save you the trouble of trying to track them down yourself.

  2. I'd be interested in the patches and/or short prints (I expect I'll have almost all the other cards I need by that point).

  3. I'd be a tentative yes for the Rangers - depending on how quickly this comes together, so I don't get antsy and buy them on eBay myself.

    One question - how would we deal with the multi-team cards? Hamilton has a League Leaders card that pictures him with 2 other players.

  4. Quick responses, before I head out for the bulk of the day--You can certainly take more than one spot. Also, I'm not sure how to deal with Multi-team cards yet, perhaps randomization among the potential claimants after they're pulled? I'm not sure how to deal with the Patches/SPs yet (I'd want a Cobb if pulled) but I'll figure it out before we go. Also, I'm planning to put this together by the start of the week.

  5. No luck at the two Targets or the one Wal-Mart here. Hopefully you have better luck than I did.

  6. I'd be in for the Angels cards.

  7. I checked the Target in Sandusky this morning after work , they had 6 Topps blasters but all the wrong code #. All 10 instead of 12.Walmart still has Topps black boxes.

  8. Count me in for the box break. I'll take 2 spots. I'd like the Tigers I'd like the Marlins and the Rays. I would like to be considered for any of the patches, turkey red, legends, etc. once you've figured it out.