Grand Cards: What Would You Do?

Monday, February 23, 2009

What Would You Do?

I would like to present all of you with a trade scenario, and am very interested to see how you would act. I think that many of you will be able to relate.

The scenario:

You have a collection of a particular brand/team/player that spans across multiple years. After much trail, eBay searching and trading you have able to acquire two particularly hard to find cards from your current year's collection. One card was only available as a hard to find retail insert, the other was only available as part of a complete factory set. No sooner have you elegantly displayed them in your binder when an interesting trade proposal crosses your desk:

In exchange for the two cards that it took you months to track down you are offered five cards from a set that you're trying to complete from a few years before. The background on these cards is that you need them to complete your set and have never seen them online or in stores.

So here is the question:
Do you trade two cards that it took you months to track down this year for five cards that you need from a previous year's set? Those older cards won't complete your set from that year, just help fill in the holes. Meanwhile, your cards from the current year are among the final pieces of the puzzle. Do you make the trade? To you risk giving up two cards that cost you blood, sweat, time and money to get in the first place? Do you risk giving up on a subset of cards that you may never see again?

I'm curious to see what you have to say in the comments or if you've ever been faced with a situation like this. I'll reveal what I did in a subsequent post.


  1. Count me among those who tried to comment earlier but couldn't.

    I'd hold on to the two cards you currently have. The blood sweat and tears you have invested in them add to their value. When you looked at the other 5 cards they'd only remind you of what you traded to get them.

  2. I tried to comment last night too, but the verification hung.

    It all depends on what set those five cards are for. If it's from a tough set that I was really seriously trying to finish, I'd probably trade the inserts. If it was something fairly common, I'd keep the inserts.

    for example: There was a special Topps Chipper Jones card in Target back to school retail packs last year. I never saw even one of those packs in Atlanta, but JayBee sent me one of the Chippers. If someone offered me a couple of short prints from '06 A&G or one of the Heritage sets, I'd probably just hold on to it since they're pretty oddball and hard to find. However, if someone offered me a couple of the scarce high series exclusive mini cards for my Topps205 mini set I'd jump on it because I really want to complete that set and they are not easy at all to find.

    It really just depends on what I value more, the scarce insert ot completing the set.

  3. I don't really like to trade off cards that are already a part of my collection, so I'd probably hold what I had.

    On the other hand, if the five cards were something amazing....

  4. See my comment on my post :)

    Short version: Keep the card you have. Unless the other cards are from something 40 years old that is a) pretty rare; b) in great shape.

  5. Keep the two. Part of collecting is the hunt, the chase. You completed the chase for the two.

    The five are being handed to you. Yes, it is a trade off, but start hunting for the five.

    If you trade, then you've got two incomplete collections.

    Finish one project before starting another. Easier said than done.