Grand Cards: Weekend Trade Catch-Up (1 of 3)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Trade Catch-Up (1 of 3)

I've had a number of trades come in over the last few weeks, but with life intervening, a backup computer for the weekend and the general size of these trades, it has taken me a while to give them the respect that they deserve. So, instead of putting them into one long post, I'm splitting them into three. That way, if I can't get all of the pictures taken and uploaded I won't feel bad.

The first trade comes from Greg of Lake Effect Baseball Cards (Sorry I missed the link when this originally posted). Greg shot me an email asking for some choice items off of my tradelist, which I was more than happy to provide. In exchange, Greg offered a handful of top-notch cards that either filled some holes in my collection, added to its general awesomeness, or both.

I'll cut to the chase and show you the money piece first.
This is a Granderson blog after all folks, and this here card takes care of the "Career Best" cards that Granderson has in 2009 Topps Series 1.

Additionally, some fine looking parallels were included in the trade.
This Gold Edgar Renteria from 2008 Topps is a great addition for me. I think that over the last few years (when the Topps cards have had big borders), these Gold cards have looked exceptional. This card is no exception. The only downside is that its a poorly photoshopped version of a player that had an underwhelming season, after costing the Tigers two players with the Best Names ever.

In a case of "when it rains, it pours", I went from having no "Black" parallels to having two in just a few weeks. The first came from Jaybee and now Greg sends another one over.

Like the Gold, a feast for the eyes (except not in this case where it seems my picture is blurry but my backup computer is too slow to make it worth re-taking and re-uploading. Don't stare too hard, folks)

Finally, a 2009 Miguel Cabrera Toppstown card and an Ivan Rodriguez Upper Deck insert round out the envelope. Thank you to Greg for the wonderful trade, and I'll keep my eye out for those Geovany Soto and Alex Gordon cards that you're looking for!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I look forward to sending more Grandersons your way in the future.

  2. I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't link you when this first posted! That error is now corrected in the post. Thanks again for the trade!