Grand Cards: Sketch Card Shenanigans

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sketch Card Shenanigans

It was bound to happen wasn't it? Just when sketch cards restored my confidence in the "1 of 1", Stadium Club had to go and screw it all up. In my post on 2008 Stadium Club, I included a picture of the sketch card that had sold on eBay earlier in the week. I did not mention that the sketch card had sold a few months earlier, at a higher price, and that I was surprised that somebody was flipping it so soon. It turns out, this was a different sketch card (I vaguely remember the first one having yellow accents--very nice looking as sketch cards go). I know this, because during the course of my daily perusing of eBay, I found...a 1 of 1 Sketch Card from Topps Stadium Club!

Oh no. Oh yes. Each sketch card is a "1 of 1" because each is hand drawn by a different artist. However, there is no record at all of how many sketch cards there are per player. By my count, Granderson is up to three.

I wonder if this is just Stadium Club, or if the regular Topps issue will be afflicted by this as well. In other words, is this new Ty Cobb sketch card from 2009 Topps (currently on eBay) a 1 of 1, or just a 1 of a few? If I were somebody who paid a premium on a 1 of 1 card, I would be pissed. I understand that these cards are different, but they are no less different than the multitude of parallels out there. At the very least, it would be nice to know how many artists produced sketch cards, or how many sketch cards there are for each player. You can still make them 1 of 1 cards (they are each individual pieces of "art" after all), but Jesus, give us collectors a chance.


  1. If they're going to put 1/1 on the front of the card, then they need to explain on the back exactly what they mean by "1/1" because this is a different definition than what collectors traditionally know.

    Personally, I think 1/1 has been basterdized so much that it's sort of lost its meaning and the phrase should be banned from the hobby.

  2. I just pulled another granderson 1 of 1 sketch card out yesterday. It is by the same artist as this one but situated on the card differently (portrait, instead of landscape), so that brings the count to 3. I am quite ticked with stadium club now and have moved on to the donruss prime cuts. True 1 of 1's and donruss has really come back with a bang with this set. I give up with stdium club, you may find the sketch cards to be numbered up to 10 or 20 per player after all is said and done. it really does lower the value and the feeling of pulling a 1 of 1 when you know there are more of the same.