Grand Cards: A Taste of Things to Come

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Taste of Things to Come

Curtis Granderson singled in the first at-bat of the Tigers' pre-season and later scored on a Miguel Cabrera sacrifice. You can follow the action here, but I think that this is just a taste of a very bright season to come.

In other news: Granderson made the final WBC roster and will be the only Tiger representing the United States. (From the Detroit Free Press)

Cardwise: Walmart Exclusive Black Bordered cards make me go aargh. Others feel the same. I will not be buying any blasters to get these, but if someone wants to put together a Tigers team set for me (it's only 9 cards people), I'd be happy to pay you for your trouble. eBay may also provide, if they show up after the TBD expiration of my spending hiatus.

In the mail: I received a mystery package that I hope to reveal in the next day or so.

Also: I will tell you how I solved my "What Would You Do?" Trade conundrum this evening, provided things work out as expected. In the meantime, you still have time to get your comments in.

Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone!

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