Grand Cards: Mail Day from Baseball Dad

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mail Day from Baseball Dad

Baseball Dad, the man behind All Tribe Baseball watched a certain play a few weeks ago from the exact opposite perspective as me. He's an Indians fan, I am a Tigers fan. I jumped and cheered, his heart sank and he secretly cursed Curtis Granderson.

He was quick to comment about it and a few days later I got a wonderful package that included...a newpaper clipping of Granderson's catch itself! Now here's the thing. I was in the middle of moving and carefully put that package aside. Of course, I really wanted to look at the newspaper, but restrained myself for a few days. When I could stand it so more, I pulled out the thin cardboard casing and out came the paper clipping. It was awesome. I worked to come up with all sorts of different scenarios on how to display it. Since we were still mid-move, I put it back in its cardboard and stuck it in a safe place where it couldn't get damaged. To my knowledge, it is still in that super-safe and apparently ultra-secret place to this day, because I have no idea where it went. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was. Fortunately, the package also included this:

A CD full of baseball songs that I could play to drown my sorrows.

Of course, he provided a handful of very fine Tigers pieces as well, but with the loss of the Granderson all I could envision was their heads floating around my head and laughing at me, cartoon style.
Oh, maybe that's why.

Thank you to Baseball Dad for his great package of cards, music and memorabilia. A friendlier Indians fan I have never met.

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  1. Glad you liked the package,hope you can find the clipping 'cause I think I burned every other copy of the PD I could find ! It's all in fun, and sometimes it goes the other way !