Grand Cards: Mail Weeks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mail Weeks!

The result of getting waaaaaaay backlogged on cards is that little packages add up and turn into nice lots. Such is the case with three separate envelopes from Marie at A Cardboard Problem. First, my first Goudey's of the year came to my mailbox, along with two Piece of History cards of the greatest pitcher in the history of May 2009.

Shortly thereafter, this arrived:

Give me an S! Give me a P! Give me a Heritage! SP! I love these Heritage cards and even Placido Polanco's ridiculous head can't screw it up. By the way, I'm pretty sure that Polanco is the most SP'd Tiger in history--a claim that I hope to substantiate when I can find the time.

Lastly, a third package arrived, containing the first Topps Series 2 that I've gotten my hands on, including...


And the defensive whiz that has helped shored up the left side of the infield, shown here swinging a bat and putting the ball in play with a .230 probability or so.

This whole exchange of envelopes started when I would send Marie cards of interest a few months ago. Then she went on a tear that has put me to shame and has made it so that now I'm searching high and low for things to send back in return. Marie, there is more on the way, I promise! I just need to pull them out of packs first!

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