Grand Cards: Of Group Breaks, Present, Past and One of a Kind.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of Group Breaks, Present, Past and One of a Kind.

The Topps Retail Group Break that I am hosting for Walmart (Black) and Target (Throwback) cards. WE ARE STILL ONE TEAM SHORT OF A GREEN LIGHT ON THIS BREAK. You can check out all of the specifics over here, then sign up for a remaining team and we are good to go. Let's do it!

Trimming down my backlog of cards even further, the results of I Am Joe Collector's Sweet Spot Group Break are shown here in all of their full-color glory.

Here's the backstory. For $18.50 you get a random team slot. I was assigned the Marlins. I wanted the Tigers for one reason, and one reason only. Any number of Verlander/Granderson dual signed options. Trading was allowed but I was going to be on the road for the majority of the day leading up to the trading deadline. I contacted the man with the Tigers but couldn't get anything worked out before I left. Now, somebody contacted me about getting the Marlins. That's fine with me, whatever makes you happy. He had the Giants and the Nationals. Bailey (of the Nennth Inning) wanted the Giants. He had the Royals. I'd rather have the Royals than the Nationals so a three-way trade was born. Marlins fan gets Marlins, Giants fan gets Giants and I end up with the Royals. Everybody is happy and I figure that, at the very least, I know a Royals fan that I could trade with.

Here's what I got in the group break:

Padres? For those of you confused, this card was sent to me because it was an unclaimed card and the generous host of our group break decided to send it my way. I've always liked Brian Giles, especially when he was a Pirate, and it has been sad to watch him decline in the last few years. I suppose playing at Petco doesn't help at all.

I only got one other card in the break, one solitary Royal:

Hmm... A redemption for an Alex Gordon/Billy Butler Black Ink/Black Stitch Dual Autograph. Wowza, I thought, that is a great card. Then I looked at the product specs again. That is a GREAT CARD. A One-of-One as it were.

Thrilled with my windfall, I have submitted my redemption and trust me, you will all know when it gets here. Then I'll need to decide exactly what I want to do with it.


  1. Hey Grand. I was the Marlins fan who traded away the I kicking myself for the trade! Love the blog.

  2. I didn't realize it was a 1/1 myself. I tell you, doing these group breaks makes the person worry more about actually getting the cards out, rather than what the cards actually were. Looks like we did pretty well.

    The funny thing about that redemption is that it was an extra card in the pack if I remember correctly. I have had that happen often where the redemption is an extra hit in either the box or the pack.

    I'm sure you might be able to get quite a bit for that in trade.