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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Series 2 Tigers: Platinum Maggs

Each "Career Best" relic card in Series 2 has two versions: a regular version and a "platinum" version numbered to 99. Here's the latter, Magglio Ordonez edition:

2009 Topps #CBR-MO Magglio Ordonez (Platinum #48/99)

I would like to give Topps credit for getting this right. Parallels are a tricky mistress and it is a fine line between doing them right and screwing them up.

Step 1: The card is a completely different color and fully distinguishable from the regular version. Not a different tint or sheen or refracticity, but completely different. The color is more prestigious and attractive, making the card correspondingly more desirable and less likely to be overlooked by collectors.

Step 2: The card is serial numbered, tastefully, on the front. More importantly, it is numbered to a low, but collectible 99 copies. Really rare cards (below 50 for some, 25-ish for others) discourage team collectors from going after them for fear of high costs and unattainability. Making these cards available in 99 copies still makes them a challenge to find, but a prize worthy of a little work.

The best praise? I don't feel like a sucker when buying these parallels. Well played, Topps.

Card Cost: $5.95
Shipping: $2.15

Totals So Far
Cards: $11.23
Shipping: $8.40

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