Grand Cards: Series 2 Tigers: A Venezuelan Jersey

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Series 2 Tigers: A Venezuelan Jersey

2009 Topps #BCR-MO Magglio Ordonez (Game Used Jersey)

Where's the bright yellow? Oh well. With the base team set out of the way, the chase for the many, many relics and such is underway.

First to find its way to my home in the comfort of a yellow bubble mailer was this game used jersey of Magglio Ordonez from this year's World Baseball Classic. As inserts go, I'm perfectly fine with these cards. I like the WBC cards because they just show another side of a player that I'm used to seeing in a Tigers uniform. They are unique, fun and (my favorite), mark a specific event or historical moment. In 20 years, when we look back on the defunct World Baseball Classic and think, what an odd failed experiment that was, we'll have these cards to remember it by and think of all the great players that played and the crazy upsets that occurred. I'm sure that they could have done something a little better for them, but in all honesty, the placement of the relic inside the WBC logo was a great move that avoids the obtrusive, ugly swatch placements, right Gellman?

Card Cost: $1.04
Shipping: $2

Total So Far:
Cards: $4.29
Shipping: $4.25

Wow, the shipping and cards costs are almost the same at this point. We are beginning to see the single greatest drawback of buying cards off of eBay.

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  1. The shipping is a pain... I just put up some auctions and had to figure out what to do. It's $1.50 to $1.75 or so to send a bubble mailer with a card in it. And, unless you're buying bulk from somewhere it's hard to find bubble mailers for less than $.75. If you charge $2.50 (like I am) you're breaking even, if you charge $2 you're losing money. It's hard to lose $.50 on a $1.00 card when you're already paying $.25 or $.30 to list the auction. From a buyer's perspective you just have to try and buy multiple cards from the same seller as often as possible.