Grand Cards: Curtis Granderson Answers Your Questions

Monday, June 29, 2009

Curtis Granderson Answers Your Questions

Not my question, but the card blog community was proudly represented by two of our favorites:
You have an excellent reputation as a player who is willing to sign autographs. One of the stories we've heard is that as a kid, you sent a card to Kirby Puckett for an autograph and he sent it back to you signed, so you know from personal experience how much that can mean to a kid. Is that a true story? And are there any other baseball memories that inform your willingness to sign? Thank you for your time.

— Patricia and Lucy, Dinged Corners

Head over to "The Grandstand," Curtis' blog on Big League Stew to read all of Curtis' answers to a wide range of reader questions.

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  1. Thanks for finding that, I forgot we sent the question. Neat responses to all. He's a class act.