Grand Cards: This Just In: 2008 Topps Finest Gold (Redux)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Just In: 2008 Topps Finest Gold (Redux)

This has happened once before, but in a lesser incarnation. Sure, it was a Gold Refractor, numbered to 50 from 2008 Topps Finest, but something about the design, and that same ol' running picture kept that card from going above and beyond. Enter a card a bit more worthy of carrying the "finest" banner.
2008 Topps Finest #FM-CG Curtis Granderson Gold Refractor (#07/50)

What a great card. The pose, the Gold, the refractory goodness, this card has it all. It is an insert (a "finest moments" insert, to be precise) with a superior design to the base card, although it follows all of the parallel versions of the regular. With this in hand I now have the Gold and Blue refractors, but a huge gap in the rest of the set. Still, considering the Golds are on the harder side to pick up, I'll take what I can get and fill in those holes later.

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