Grand Cards: Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 3

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 3

Short and sweet this week because there aren't enough hours in the day...

MegaLeague: Last Week 14/20, 4/5 Division, 7-8-3

This team is really struggling offensively and but was salvaged by some dumb luck and excellent Sunday managing. The moment after Armando Galarraga was guaranteed his Quality Start, Andy Sonnanstine was immediately moved to the bench--securing my victory in the ERA category. The week ended as a 6-3 win after Alexei Ramirez notched a late-game stolen base and Nyjer Morgan got caught stealing for my opponent.

A Gold Star goes to Alexei Ramirez, who was not the best player on the team but had 3 Net SBs, and clinched that category for me singlehandedly. His 5 RBIs and team-leading .375 OBP for the week were a nice bonus.

No Thanks ToDioner Navarro who had a .150 OBP and contributed very little elsewhere on the week. His .197 OBP and 14 strikeouts on the season has landed him on the waiver wire. So long and good riddance.

Work League: Last week 1st Place, 20-7-1 (+2.5)

A top of the standings matchup as I faced the 2nd place team. I responded by getting completely demolished. A 10-4 loss falls squarely on the shoulders of poor performances all around. Although I will say, how can a team that gets 3 Quality Starts end up with ZERO wins? Ugh.

A Gold Star goes to Curtis Granderson, who took last week's criticism to heart and responded with 4 HRs, 1 SB and 20 TB to go with a .333 AVG and 1.241 OPS. Earlier this week I said that he had the recipe for breaking out of a slump. Looks like I was right.

No Thanks To Dan Taylor, Manager. Who wisely benched Scott Baker for his start at Boston before it was rained out. The next day, before the rescheduled game, Dan had a change of heart and started Baker instead. You sir, are an idiot. Baker's 11.57 ERA and 2.46 WHIP are your reward. Stupid.

Blog League: Last Week, 1st Place (+114)
A bit of a slowdown didn't unseat me from the top of the charts, although it is clear that a lot can change in this league from week to week. I am the first in the league to break 1000 points (1065), but my lead has been trimmed to 88.

A Gold Star goes to the aforementioned Curtis Granderson (38 points), Jason Bay (33) and Brandon Inge (31) who kept the offensive onslaught coming. Roy Halladay had two very good starts, but only one win. Still, his 25 point contribution was nothing to sneeze at.

No Thanks To Miguel Cabrera. The former Horse that carried this team on his back showed up with a measly 7 points--this is nearing bench-warming Kelly Shoppach territory, people--thanks to no power, few hits and a couple GIDPs. Given his torrid start, I'm willing to accept a down week, but this has to turnaround pronto.

So this week was a bit of a mixed bag. A win in the MegaLeague was nice to have, but all of my teams were a little off, basically treading water until better times arrive.

The Wrapup:
MegaLeague: 9th of 20 (2nd of 5 Division) 13-11-3
Work League: 3rd Place 24-17-1, 3.5 GB
Blog League: 1st Place, 1065 Points (+88)

Good luck with all your teams this week and take a lesson from my mistake with Scott Baker--be careful not to over manage.

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