Grand Cards: This Just In: 2008 Bowman Sterling #BS-CG and other miscellany

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Just In: 2008 Bowman Sterling #BS-CG and other miscellany

I was updating my sidebar after my last "This Just In" post and discovered that I now have 298 Unique Curtis Granderson cards in my collection. That's right, I am 3 away from big number 300. Let's make that 2. Card #298 in my collection has just arrived, and it may look a little familiar. Put on your sunglasses everyone:
2008 Bowman Sterling #BS-CG Curtis Granderson

This here is the non-refractor version of Curtis Granderson's lone 2008 Bowman Sterling card. This card started out as a redemption and I first laid eyes on it as a refractor:
2008 Bowman Sterling #BS-CG Curtis Granderson Refractor

Not surprisingly, the refractor is a little easier on the eyes. The regular card is like looking into a mirror, so that when you look at it straight on, it actually makes the card king of hard to read. Then, when you put it at an angle, the light refraction is such that the card looks really, really dark--almost black even.

The design on the card is decent, although it suffers from the Granderson-as-Raquel Welch don't swing your arms when you walk impersonation, but it is all fine. Man it is shiny though. Too shiny. Topps does not have that technology perfected--the same thing happened with 2008 Co-Signers. When you can see what the person taking the picture is wearing, you need to dial down the reflection factor a bit. Still, a nice card to add next to its rainbow counterpart, with a few more refractors (Gold and Black) to chase down.


There are still plenty of good cards available. Please leave a comment if you would like some. If you have already claimed a few and want more, you can do that too.

Many of you have told me that you'll send me an SASE or some cash and of course, those are wonderful offers that in 99% of scenarios I would accept. However, I am in the process of moving--a process that will take bits and pieces of the next few weeks. So, I'd rather eat a few bucks sending out these cards than risk losing envelopes in transition or keeping track of who is paying and who isn't. In the next few days I will ask you all for your addresses and then you can sit back and wait for your cards to show up.

HOWEVER, for those of you who feel bad not reciprocating, you can do this: Consider these free cards as a trade for "a player to be named later." You can browse through my wantlist. You can feast your eyes on my Curtis Granderson collection. Or, when you buy new cards and pull some Tigers or Grandersons, you can shoot me an email to see if I need it and send it my way in the future. Sound good? Consider your collective consciences cleared.

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