Grand Cards: Free Card Giveaway Update

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Card Giveaway Update

The time has come. If you claimed any cards in my Topps WBC giveaway please send me an email with your Name, Address and the cards that you have claimed. Make your subject "Free Cards" for easy sorting.

Cards will likely be packed and sent early next week as I still need to buy stamps and envelopes, I want to give everybody time to read this message and respond and I am buying a house tomorrow, playing in a charity softball game all day Friday, running a 10 miler in Philadelphia this weekend and moving to the new house for the foreseeable future (welcome to the world's busiest week).

Also, if anybody would like the as-yet-unclaimed cards, feel free to claim them. If anybody with already claimed cards would like more, you can claim those too. I will cut off all Claims at the end of the day on Friday.

To reiterate an earlier message--do not worry about sending me a SASE for these cards, as many of you have offered. I simply can't handle the additional clutter and disorganization that those will bring. If you feel as though you must reciprocate, consider these cards as a trade for a player to be named later, and as you pull Grandersons and/or Tigers out of future packs you can shoot me an email and send them my way.

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