Grand Cards: Miguel Cabrera Shows Up

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miguel Cabrera Shows Up

In honor of Miguel Cabrera's HUGE Game in the Home Opener yesterday, I thought that I would show off a card that showed up in my mailbox last week. This card comes courtesy of the extreme generosity of The Drizz, who sent this card completely unsolicited and without expecting anything in return. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.
2008 Topps #TB1 Miguel Cabrera (Target Back to School)

Yes folks, this is it. The hardest to find 2008 Topps Detroit Tigers card out there. I first learned about this card on Jaybee's excellent Topps Blog but never once saw it in any store, on eBay or anywhere else online. Unlike the Galarraga, and Clete Thomas cards from the set, which showed up rarely and sold for unusually high prices, this card was MIA. It could not be found.

To this day, I still haven't found one, excepting the one that showed up in my mailbox. With this, I now have a legitimate chance of completing the full 2008 Tigers set, with just some relatively attainable cards left to fill (and a few low numbered ones that I'm not going to chase). So again, thank you Drizz. I'm thrilled to see Miguel's carefree grin staring back at me when I open up the binder and view what was otherwise a disappointing 2008 team.

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