Grand Cards: This Just In: 2008 Topps Curtis Granderson #TCH49

Monday, April 20, 2009

This Just In: 2008 Topps Curtis Granderson #TCH49

In the past, I've just been writing Mail Day! when I get new cards in the mail, but I thought that I'd reserve that for when I get trades with multiple cards, mystery packages or a few things on the same day. For my Curtis Granderson collection, I think I'll be using the "This Just In" Title. I either find it more fun, or have grown weary of typing "Mail Day!" or both. It also seems more appropriate for single cards like the one I'm going to feature here:

2008 Topps #TCH49 Curtis Granderson

This card comes from the very fun Trading Card History insert set from 2008 Topps. There are some real gems in the set, including a Magglio Ordonez that looks like my beloved Monte Irvin Rookie card (1951 Topps Red Back) among others.

Sadly, this Granderson is not among the highlights. It is a mimicry of a 1961 Golden Press Card shown here:

That's not the most exciting card design to be copying, but it could have been done. Yet mistakes were made.

1. Salmon colored bottom? I would have stuck with white, or off-white if going for the aged, vintage look
2. The Golden Press cards are all vintage-y, with that half-painted, half-photo look to them. Now that would have looked awesome
3. The Golden Press cards, based on a Google Image query, seem to be a little more action-y than this posed Granderson swing, even those that are in Spring Training. In fact, this Granderson picture looks pretty similar to something else...

Instead of a snazzy retro card of Curtis, we have a plain spring training photo (that we've already seen) with a salmon colored bottom. Alas, you can't win 'em all.

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