Grand Cards: Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 1

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Fantasy Wrap: Week 1

Since it's the start of the season, I thought that this presented a good opportunity to summarize this week in my team's fantasy baseball team. I realize that it is possible that nobody will care, but since I have thoroughly frustrated my wife by obsessively conversing about my fantasy teams, I thought that this would be a good secondary outlet.
A primer:

I have a team in three leagues:

MegaLeague: 2008 Standings: 6th of 20
20 Teams, 18 Man Rosters, Head-to-Head, Keeper League, Auction Draft,

Hitting Categories:HR, RBI, K (- points), Net SB (SB-CS), OBP
Pitching CategoriesK, QS, ERA, SV+HD

This week's opponent was my college friend Butter. A slow start on my part portended a miserable outcome, but a mid-week rebound salvaged a tie. Final Score 4-4-1 (tonight's Cubs/Brewers game has no impact, unless Derrek Lee steals a base):

That should be good for a 4-way tie for 9th place, in a 20 team league. Meh.

A Gold Star goes to: Adam Lind 3 HR, 12 RBI, 4 K, 0 SBN, .419 OBP

No Thanks To: Derrek Lee, Carlos Gomez and Dioner Navarro, each of whom treated me to a sub-.200 OBP for the week, with only one HR and 5 RBI between them. Gomez's SBs did help me win a tie there, but his 9 K's left something to be desired.

Work League: 2008 Standings: 11th of 12
12 Teams, 25 Man Rosters, Head-to-Head, Keeper League, Standard Draft

Redemption time in my work league, as I enter my second season. My team was bad, bad, bad last year. Of course, it didn't hurt that I was playing the last place team this week, yet I performed more admirably than expected. A 10-3-1 victory came on the heels of an offensive onslaught that left me with the following line:

51 R, 17 HR, 55 RBI, 15 SB, 169 TB, .311 AVG, .956 OPS

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is an unstoppable force. And just so you don't claim stat inflation due to roster size, the offensive stats of my opponent were 27 R, 6 HR, 25 RBI, 2 SB, 88 TB, .217 AVG, .623 OPS. A 3-3-1 Tie in pitching statistics were the only blemish on the week, in a league that I expect to contend for right out of the gate.

A Gold Star goes to Miguel Cabrera 5 R, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 0 SB, 24 TB, .520 AVG and 1.546 OPS (!) with a special thanks to Alfonso Soriano for adding in a healthy dose of power and speed.

No Thanks To Mike Jacobs, who was drafted late purely for his power potential, and yielded 1 measly RBI to go with his .176 AVG and 5 TB. You hit 41 points lower than the next lowest on the team (Pablo Sandoval). Thanks dude.

Blog League New League
12 Teams, 24 Man Rosters, Points League, All-Season, Standard Draft

Ah, the league for blog-cred. I have never done a points league before, but am really starting to dig it. While head-to-head is all the rage, I miss the season long excursion of fantasy baseball (I used to do Rotisserie Leagues), I feel that it is a truer reflection of putting together a solid team. My team got off to a scorching start, and would have easily captured first place if not for a 50 point game by Aaron Harang (CG, SHO, 3 H) that allowed Legion of Doom to leapfrog me. Still, I like the way this team is put together, pitching questions aside (that's always the case, isn't it?) and I think that I'll be battling with teams at the top all summer long.

Ending week one, I stand with a hearty 430 Points, 19 behind the leader and 51 ahead of 3rd place. Not too shabby at all.

A Gold Star goes to Brandon Inge who rewarded me for having the foresight of drafting him with 39 Points. Fellow late round pick Randy Winn chipped in 32. When your worst starter is Lance Berkman and his 16 points, you know things will be alright. Roy Halladay (43 points) also came up big on the Pitching side of things.

No Thanks To Manny Parra (-7), Rick Porcello (-6), Jonathan Sanchez (-3) and Justin Verlander (-2) the combined negative points of each account for the entire deficit between me and the first place team. Thanks fellas.

Curtis Granderson

Finally, what would a post here be without recounting the week that was for Curtis Granderson? An 0 for Sunday hurt the cause a bit, but you can't complain too much about:

.241/.281/.483, 5 R, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 1 SB

Small sample size hurts the AVG/OBP/SLG, but the rest of those numbers look good.

That's it for this week's Monday Fantasy Wrap, good luck with all of your teams this week and be careful not to over manage.

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