Grand Cards: Ugh.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Dear Detroit Tigers, please don't make it so that my marathon posting touting the endless hope of a new season was all in vain.

I will not be one to perform game reviews on this site, but as I type this up I'm watching Blue Jay runs 10, 11 and 12 tick up on the gametracker on the side of my screen. The blessing and the curse of Baltimore and not getting these games on TV is that I don't have to put up with this massacre. As for Michigan State currently getting killed by UNC, it is not insult to injury. I am a Michigan fan. If the Tigers happen to come back in the ninth, I'll issue a retraction post, but for now:

Ugh. How about a checklist?

Verlander back to pre-2008 form
Adam Everett solidifying the left side defense
Potent offense and speed making up for bullpen shortfalls

No (It was just one game), No (really, an error in your first game, after all of this?), No (Nothing can make up for what Juan Rincon just did)

Of course, there is some silver lining (there always is).

Granderson reached base via walk in the team's first plate appearance.
Granderson had the team's first hit, home run, RBI and run of the season.
Brandon Inge showing the power he showed in 2006, and in Spring Training.
Hits distributed evenly throughout the lineup

This was just the first game of the season, and things will be fine. However, they couldn't have lost in a pitching duel or nail-biter? The beauty of games like this is that they're easier to forget.

On a final Granderson note, Bless You Boys and the Detroit Tigers Weblog alerted me to the fact that Granderson has started a pledge drive where you can choose to donate an amount for every run that he scores this season, will proceeds benefiting inner city schools. I was at Camden Yards catching the Orioles Home Opener and missed my opportunity for a free Granderson signed photograph by donating before the first pitch tonight, but the drive will be going all season. Details Here.

A great cause from Curtis, and if tonight is any indication, he will be scoring plenty of runs for this team. Optimism Ho! Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of the season.

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  1. well, if it makes us feel any better, cc sabathia lost his first game of the season too, and he's makin' over a 100 million dollars, so it's not all bad.

    curtis broke up the no-no in the third w/ a homer. yay grandy!