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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Cards!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a semi-scathing post about Topps' inexcusable mix-up on their 2009 Fernando Rodney cards in the team set. You may have read about it here. Well, after I wrote the post The Drizz mentioned that he had just written a letter to Topps. Deciding to use my powers for good instead of evil, I did the same.

How surprised was I then, when I got this response within 24 hours:


Thank you for your inquiry.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please accept a free box of 2009 Topps World Baseball Classic Cards with Fernando Rodney in it as compensation for out mistake. Please send your full name and address so we can mail this out to you.

We appreciate your continued support of Topps and hope you will continue to buy our products.

Well that was unexpected! My letter was pretty straightforward, I thought: You screwed up. You were lazy about it. Fix it if you can. Don't do it again. Nowhere in there was there any sort of demand to make things right or the need for compensation. I wrote back with my address and thanked them for their generosity. Topps gets a big kudos and pat on the back for their excellent customer service and quick reaction on this.

But something didn't feel quite right.
Please accept a free box of 2009 Topps World Baseball Classic Cards with Fernando Rodney in it as compensation for out mistake.
Hmm...have you seen this? It's a checklist for the Topps World Baseball Classic 55-card set. Reading through it, the absence of Fernando Rodney may stick out to you. I was already acutely aware of his absence before this all came up, as I browsed it for Detroit Tigers and found only two: Miguel Cabrera and Minor-Leaguer Fu-Te Ni.

Now, I know how these checklists work, sometimes they make last minute changes and some cards get substituted in for others. So, I waited until they came.

Poor Fernando. He's not in the set. A HUGE smile came across my face, in part because I was pretty sure that he wasn't in the set when it was offered to me, but mostly because I was holding the irony of this story in my hands.

After I accused Topps of laziness and unprofessionalism for making an unforgivable mistake surrounding a Fernando Rodney card, they offered me a set of cards, which they explicitly tell me includes Fernando Rodney, which it does not. I will not call out Topps a second time, except to point out the humor in the situation. They did a very generous and unnecessary thing in sending those cards and their heart was in the right place. I don't blame laziness here, but rather a fervent desire to try to assuage my distress (or buy it off, but who's counting). Tip of the cap and all that, I remain a happy Topps customer and will continue to complete my Detroit Tigers sets though them. But now I have all of these neat WBC cards that, if I know me, will probably sit in a box unenjoyed, especially since I'm moving next week.

So, to the readers of this blog: FREE CARDS!

That's right. I've pulled out the Cabrera and Ni cards for myselft (the two Tigers), but that leaves 53 cards available to whoever wants them (actually 52--the Jeter is heading over to Sooz). If you would like some, just leave a comment on this post with whatever card(s) you want. Please feel free to take more than one but I ask that you limit yourself to cards that you actually want or could use. Pass it on to other bloggers etc and help be share the love from Topps.

UPDATE: Apparently things do change from the initial checklist. Here's the full thing, that I just made by flipping through the set, including claimants.

1 Yu Darvish--Dan (Saints of the Cheap Seats)
2 Derek Jeter--Sooz
3 Ryan Braun--Mprigge
4 Michel Enriquez
5 Phillippe Aumont--The Hamiltonian
6 Yulieski Gourriel--Punk Rock Paint
7 Shinnosuke Abe--Kei
8 Hanley Ramirez--WickedOrtega
9 Daisuke Matsuzaka--Capt. Canuck
10 Justin Erasmus
11 Frank Catalanotto--hoss man
12 Travis Blackley
13 Alex Rodriguez--Flash
14 Brian McCann--Dayf
15 Arquimedes Nieto
16 Joakim Soria--zman40
17 Justin Morneau--GCRL
18 Geovany Soto--Greg (Lake Effect Cards)
19 Alex Liddi
20 Cheng-Min Peng--RoofGod
21 Luke Hughes
22 Manuel Corpas
23 Chipper Jones--Dayf
24 Drew Naylor
25 Jimmy Rollins--Dan (The Other World)
26 Kosuke Fukudome--Greg (Lake Effect Cards)
27 Jose Reyes--David Jacobs
28 David Wright--Tanguska
29 Ichiro--hoss man
30 Carlos Lee--David Jacobs
31 Joey Votto--FanofReds
32 Jim Young Lee
33 Jonathan Sanchez
34 Lenny DiNardo--zman40
35 Miguel Cabrera--Dan (GrandCards)
36 Rick Vandenhurk--WickedOrtega
37 David Ortiz--Capt. Canuck
38 Jason Bay--Capt. Canuck
39 Dylan Lindsay--zman40
40 Chris Denorfia--FanofReds
41 Bernie Williams--Flash
42 Akinori Iwamura
43 Pedro Martinez--GCRL
44 Gift Ngoepe--Dayf
45 Chenhao Li
46 Roy Oswalt--Houston Collector
47 Dustin Pedroia--Capt. Canuck
48 Tao Bu
49 Greg Halman
50 Adrian Gonzalez--Punk Rock Paint
51 Carlos Beltran--Kei
52 Pedro Lazo
53 Jorge Cantu--WickedOrtega
54 Kenji Johjima--RoofGod
55 Fu-Te Ni--Dan (GrandCards)


  1. If you're getting rid of cards, I wouldn't mind Chipper Jones, Jair Jurrjens and Gift Ngoepe.
    I'll post a link to try to help you get rid of the rest.

  2. Updated checklist coming--apparently, things do change from the pre-announced list. I'm guessing you're want Brian McCann too?

  3. Is McCann in there too? oh hells yess.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'd be interested in the Votto card!

  6. Since Hamilton passed on the event, I'll take Canadian hurler Aumont off your hands if he is still available.

  7. May I please have the Soto and the Fukudome? Just save them for me for the next time we trade; no sense in mailing two cards. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for offering this to everyone. These are definitely Grand Cards!

    If you would, I would love the Yu Darvish card. Thanks.

  9. Geez, Topps shut out the Dodgers on this checklist. No Martin, no Broxton. Not even a Luis Maza.

    I'll pass. But a nice story. And a great gesture.

  10. I'm interested in the Bernie Williams and Alex Rodriguez cards

  11. I know it is a bit of work asking you to thumb through the set but if there are any available cards depicting players bunting could I claim those? I'll give the David Wright card a good home too.

  12. I would like Jose Reyes & Carlos Lee.

  13. no dodgers as greg said, but a post-2000 twin so i will request justin morneau. and, i wouldn't mind bringing pedro martinez back home where he belongs. stupid jody reed.

  14. If you don't mind, I'll take the Soria, Dylan Linsay, and Lenny DiNardo.


  15. If it's ok, put me down for the Ichiro and Catalanotto cards.

  16. Bay, Ortiz, and Pedroria please.

    Thanks for this...

  17. If Canuck doesn't want Dice-K I'll take him.

  18. Can I ask for the Rollins?

    You're a Tigers collector? I'm guessing....

  19. Could I have the Adrian Gonzalez and Yulieski Gourriel? I'll gladly send an SASE.

  20. I'd like the Roy Oswalt, and I'll get you a SASE or Paypal you a buck for shipping. :)

  21. May i please have the Hanley Ramirez and the Jorge Cantu i'll send you a SASE or Paypal you the money for shipping... thanks!

  22. also the Rick Vandenhurk i'm a big time fish fan sorry!!

  23. 20 Cheng-Min Peng
    54 Kenji Johjima

    Would be my choices for a fellow Tigers fan.

  24. I'd like to call the Abe Shinnosuke and Carlos Beltran if no one else has. I'll send an email with the appropriate subhect heading.

    Thank you!