Grand Cards: Of Tickets and Schedules

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of Tickets and Schedules

Props to the Tigers for putting together some very nice designs in their team-issued items this year. I know that they've done this before, and that many other teams probably do the same thing, but I was taken by them. First, the schedules are a nice blue version of the 2009 Topps Design. Since there was no Granderson in the base set, imagine how pleased I was to see this:

Thank you very much to Roger, the owner and operator of the blog I Don't Know...3rd Base and a fixture on this site during the Topps Retail Box Breaks, who sent these my way out of the blue. Since he thoughtfully sent two, I can keep one intact and trim another one down to fit in a binder page. Thanks Roger!

The Official Detroit Tigers blog also highlights another card-related design--this year's season tickets. I didn't have a nice looking Opening Day ticket, but I did see the one for today's game, which featured Carlos Guillen. However, there is one that certainly caught my eye more than others:

Now, that would be a nice looking card. Granderson, honoring Jackie Robinson with a "42" jersey. Nice. Of course, 2009 is the 25th anniversary of the 1984 Championship Team, the Tigers' last World Series victory. As such, they are replicating the '84 Topps Design, which I've always really liked, but probably just because that was the design of the '84 team, and it was the year I was born. So, very nicely done Tigers on creating some well thought out and well designed Tickets and for including Granderson as one of the players that you'd feature on your schedule (how could you not...but still, good choice).

Cool stuff, indeed!

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