Grand Cards: Mail Day! of Hand Collated Tigers

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mail Day! of Hand Collated Tigers

Scott, of the excellent Hand Collated, sent me an excellent package recently that simultaneously:

-Added a card that I need from 2009 Topps
-Demolished my 1979 Tigers Wantlist
-Provided a card for me to photograph at the time of Mark Fidrych's tragic death

First, the newbee:

2009 Topps #TTT18 Miguel Cabrera Toppstown Gold

This is the hard to find Gold version of the Miguel Cabrera Toppstown card. I say "hard to find" because out of the 7 Topps blasters that I bought (1 for me, 6 for group breaks), it never once appeared. Meanwhile I got DOUBLES of Grady Sizemore, Ichiro and others. Come to think of it, I only pulled one regular Cabrera Toppstown from those boxes. Huh. Needless to say, I was very glad to give this a good home.

Next, a sampler:
1979 Topps Detroit Tigers

Here's a now-complete page of 1979 Topps that I couldn't have done without Scott's help. He sent me more than a dozen cards from that set, which slashed my wantlist down to only 9. Awesome! I have been focusing most of my efforts on 1980 and beyond, so it was fantastic to knock some of those pre-1980 cards off my list. Thanks Scott!

Now, Scott didn't specifically ask for anything in return when he generously sent these cards my way, but I plan on putting together a package for him nonetheless. The trick is, can I get something together more quickly than it took me to post about these cards? Not likely, with "qualifying life changing events" abound at the moment. Still, I will try. Maybe packing up the apartment will provide an opportunity to do some card spring cleaning. We'll see...


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