Grand Cards: Is Josh Anderson Grandy part deux?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Josh Anderson Grandy part deux?

Brandon Inge thinks so, in a sense:

When asked on Sunday if Anderson reminded him of any other players, teammate Brandon Inge said yes.

“Grandy,” he replied.

Inge wasn’t referring to Curtis Granderson’s power. (Anderson doesn’t have that.) He was instead complimenting Anderson’s character and approach to baseball – virtues for which Granderson is widely known.

From the Detroit Free Press

Man, if the Tigers have somebody who is similar to Granderson from a character standpoint, not to mention the spark that his speed has provided, then they are a very lucky club indeed. Here's hoping that Anderson is able keep up the good work and become another positive presence in Detroit and a key contributor to the team.

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  1. yeah, I was really disappointed that we traded Josh away, but there was just no room for him. I'm glad to see him get playing time...