Grand Cards: If 06 was 09: The Bench

Monday, April 6, 2009

If 06 was 09: The Bench

The 2006 Bench created some good depth for the Tigers but wasn't spectacular. There was a mix of speed, power and defensive replacements (Representative Bench Players--in case you can't tell, I was a bit rushed trying to get all of this together before Opening Day)

Ramon Santiago
Alexis Gomez
Omar Infante
Marcus Thames
Neifi Perez
Vance Wilson

Marcus Thames had the most impact during the year, while Santiago and Gomez each had great playoff performances and Wilson was an ideal backup catcher.

The 2009 Bench should do the same.


Nothing special here, except that Larish adds some young lefty pop to the lineup and we don't have to suffer Neifi Perez. With a good mix of speed, power and defense, the bench is fine. In my opinion, the bench was not a make or break in 2006, and it will not be in 2009.

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