Grand Cards: This Just In: 2009 Upper Deck Curtis Granderson Jersey (x2!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Just In: 2009 Upper Deck Curtis Granderson Jersey (x2!)

In this year's Upper Deck release, there are a slew of game-used jersey cards that use the same basic designs but offer ever-increasing swatch quantities with ever-decreasing serial numbers. I picked up the first of these some time ago, and two more have just recently arrived.

2009 Upper Deck #GJ-GR Curtis Granderson Dual Swatch
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-GR Curtis Granderson Triple Swatch

I consider these to be the best iterations of this particular card. The single jersey, rather lamely, has a swatch in the letter "J" for jersey, with a printed "CG-" designed to kind of look like a jersey piece but not really to the left of it. In these cards, the swatches make so much more sense. "OF" and "DET" give a little bit of life to an otherwise plain piece of jersey and are nice to look at.

Now, there are two more of these cards--a quad swatch and a patch. Serial number wise, these are more rare, but I'm not sure that they're nearly as nice. The quad spells "GAME" (eh...I would have gone "TIGS," for non-fans, that is a common Tigers nickname). The patch card spells "PATCH" (oh, is that what that patch-looking thing is?) with the patch serving as the "T" and the "PA" and "CH" being printed on the card "CG-" style.

For the low low cost of these particular cards they are a nice little pickup and in my opinion are the most fun of this 5-card jersey subset. To me, they certainly beat out the blindingly-red Topps counterpart.


  1. The more I hear about other baseball players, the more I like Curtis. These cards are really sweet.

  2. They are aren't they? If you're interested, the "OF" one is on ebay for the next 18 hours and currently has no bids and a .50 starting price. Item number 400044088265