Grand Cards: Ty Cobb Double-Take

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ty Cobb Double-Take

With the baseball season starting up, things have been a bit hectic around here and envelopes have been piling up. So, I will be sorting through them and posting the contents over the course of the next few days. Also, although there has been a lot of talk about Detroit Tigers on here recently, this is still a blog about baseball cards. However, to me baseball cards are a historical record of the game and my favorite team, so there will continue to be occasional posts sans card, when the feeling strikes (although I try to work in the pictures where I can).

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an eBay auction that was getting very little love. It was for the 2009 Topps Ty Cobb SP, the only "base" card that I still need to complete my set (Still looking for some throwbacks though, in case anybody has extras!). For weeks, this card has been selling on eBay for $10+ which was a sum that I really didn't feel like paying. However, here was one auction sitting at $.99 and it was mine for the taking. The catch? It was shipping from Canada, and the shipping was $6. Oomph.

I did the math, realized that I would be paying $3 for shipping anyway, and put in a bid. A few hours later, I owned the rights to Mr. Cobb for $.99, a week and a half later this little beauty showed up in the mailbox.
2009 Topps #66b Ty Cobb

That card ended my week on an high note and kicked off a lovely trip to DC with my wife on Saturday to see the Cherry Blossoms (which hadn't kicked into full gear yet) and to go to the only place in the region that serves Bell's Oberon beer, Michigan's traditional sign of spring. While we were walking from the National Mall to the bar, guess who was hanging out at the National Archives?

Well what do you know about that!


  1. 7 bucks ain't bad at all, that's what i ended up paying for mine. nice.

  2. bell's oberon is incredible! had it the one and only time i was in michigan, and never forgot it.

    when i was 23 i had a very good beer...