Grand Cards: Mail Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mail Day!

Time to check a few checks off the ol' checkbox. First a shiny new pair of Cobbs:

2009 Topps LG-4 Ty Cobb

2009 Topps LLP-5 Ty Cobb

The first one is part of the regular Legends of the Game insert set. The second is part of the Legends of the Game insert set from Walmart. I've got to say, I'm a bigger fan of the Walmart "Platinum" card. I like the color of the card, and the choice of the picture better. This card says, here is the greatest player to ever play the game, smiling before a game. It humanizes the legend. The mean, racist, bigoted legend.

Those two cards are of an old player on a new card. The next card in the package was a new player on an old (looking) card.
2009 Topps TR45 Miguel Cabrera Turkey Red

The Turkey Red inserts in 2009 Topps are awesome. This completes the two Tigers in the insert set, with the other being the one and only Curtis Granderson.

Last and sadly, least is this last Topps Rookie Debut card that I needed for my 2006 set.
2006 Topps RD-20 Jordan Tata

There were three Tigers in this subset. One, Joel Zumaya, was an impact player in 2006 who has battled injuries to get back to 103 MPH form. The next was Zach Miner, who has been a solid starter/reliever for the team and made the 2009 Opening Day starting rotation. The last was Jordan Tata. He made his rookie debut and then hasn't sniffed the bigs. He was released prior to the 2009 season.

So, yay! Two legends, a superstar in the making and whatever happens to superstars after 100,000,000 years and they turn black and implode on themselves and can't find the strikezone before they're released in spring training.


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