Grand Cards: Happy Trails: Marcus Thames

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Trails: Marcus Thames

Detroit Tigers Weblog tipped me off on a "bevy of roster moves." Most of note is that Marcus Thames has been removed from the roster and is now a free agent.

This is a move that had to happen, but it is bittersweet. Marcus was one of the nicest Tigers that I've ever met--influenced, no doubt, by the fact that he was the only player to sign an autograph for me or my brother prior to a 2007 Spring Training game (in fairness, Granderson signed a lot after the game, but we couldn't get to him). I assume that all Tiger fans wish Marcus nothing but the absolute best, and hope for his success on a future team, where he will likely find a roster spot as a 4th outfielder/deadly pinch hitting option. If they don't, then they're all jerks.

So long, Marcus. We'll always have 2006.

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