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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tigers Checklist: 2009 DAV

2009 Tigers Master Checklist Here

In recognition of the upcoming Veteran's Day and last week's tragedy at Ft. Hood, I knew the perfect set with which to unveil my new checklisting mechanism. This has been my ultimate goal for some time, but I never really knew how to pull it off. Hopefully, this is something that I can do for each release, even if some of them require multiple posts. In the next day or two, I will retroactively create a "Checklists" page where all of the galleries can be found. This will be conveniently located in the sidebar. Obviously, there will be some tweaks etc., but for now I'm just hopeful that this works as expected and is a sign of things to come. Any feedback is much, much appreciated.

The Disabled American Veterans release cards each year--this particular set was a stadium giveaway at Comerica Park that my dad was nice enough to snag for me and bring when my family visited us in Baltimore. So with that, here are your 2009 DAV Detroit Tigers.

update: tweaked so that clicking on thumbnail opens a full size picture in new window.

#146 Willie Horton
#147 Jeremy Bonderman
#148 Gates Brown
#149 Mario Impemba
#150 Edwin Jackson
#151 Brandon Lyon
#152 Nate Robertson
#153 Zach Miner
#154 Ryan Raburn
#155 Bobby Seay

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